Business resources

Learn about the ins and outs of running a business!

There is more to being a successful freelancer than being a good translator. These resources can help you get ahead with the business side of things.

We'll be adding new resources to this page in the future, so check back later, too.

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#TeamTranslator Project Management Package

Three useful templates to keep track of clients, keep on top of your projects, and quickly create invoices. (Select the "Make a copy" option to create a private version of the templates on your own Drive.)

Get your templates here:

#TeamTranslator Project Tracker

#TeamTranslator Clients & Rates Tracker

#TeamTranslator Invoice Template

#TeamTranslator – A Quick Guide to Scams

This printable quick guide to scams targeting translators can help you suss out any questionable requests, so that you can avoid being taken advantage of. 

Download here:


#TeamTranslator Rates Calculator

The #TeamTranslator Rates Calculator spreadsheet is a tool that can help you calculate sustainable rates for yourself based on your individual circumstances. It is for illustrative purposes only. This resource was created with the help of Filip Fučić at Fearless Pricing.

(Select the "Make a copy" option to create a private version of the calculator on your own Drive.)

Get your copy here.

#TeamTranslator Contract Checklist

This useful (and fun!) #TeamTranslator Contract Checklist can help you draft your contract to protect your business. Legal doesn't have to mean boring! 😉 This resource was prepared in collaboration with lawyer-linguist Nicole Fenwick at Coley Translates.


Download here: 


Look Back to Leap Ahead

With the help of the #TeamTranslator “Look Back to Leap Ahead” resource, you can look at your freelance business’ past year and set your goals for the next one.

Download here: