Our Community Guidelines

Welcome to #TeamTranslator! 

We are first and foremost a positive, inclusive group for the global community of freelance translators to support one another.

To meet the goals of this community, it's important that all members feel safe and supported. To help everyone have the best possible experience, please take a look at our community guidelines below.

Joining #TeamTranslator

We use Slack to communicate.

By joining our Slack group, you confirm that you are a freelance translator and if you ever stop being a freelancer, you will remove yourself from the group or ask one of our moderators to remove you. Of course, if you start freelancing again, you are more than welcome to re-join!

You also agree that you won't share the Slack invite link directly with anyone and doing so may result in you being removed from the group. If you would like to invite a colleague to join us, please ask them to visit the website or reach out to us at:


Slack channels

Conversations are split into various channels in the #TeamTranslator Slack workspace:

#hello-translators: this channel is for introductions, #TeamTranslator announcements and general conversation. When you join, pop in to say hi and tell us about your language pairs, where you're based, and anything else you'd like to share with the group!

#how-to-run-a-business: this is where to go for general business advice. Get help from other translators about things like how to figure out your rates, establish boundaries when working as a freelancer, deal with difficult clients, and anything else that goes into running your own business.

#job-board: freelancers can outsource too! If you have a job that you need help with or if a client of yours is looking for a translator for a language pair you don't have, feel free to use this space to advertise.

#learning-cpd-and-events: this is the place to talk about any translation and localization events, conferences, professional development courses and webinars. Share your experiences, ask for recommendations, all in the name of learning! 

#let-it-out: we are a positive space for freelance translators, but that doesn't mean we ignore our mental health or the support that we can find in one another. If you've had a rough day, need some encouragement, or just need someone to chat to, this board is for you.

#marketing-and-sales: here we'll be chatting everything social media, branding, prospecting, applying for jobs, lead generation, and much more.

#member-offers: exclusive offers for #TeamTranslator members. Save money on your favourite tools, software, online courses, and more! If you’d like to advertise your own service or freelance-friendly product, please get in touch at hello@team-translator.com!

#random: let's be honest, we'll be using this one for memes.

#tools-of-the-trade: in addition to talking about software and hardware, the channel can also be used to talk about any other tools that make our lives easier: stationery, music recommendation to boost productivity and concentration, ergonomic set-ups.

#tt-irl: to arrange informal meet-ups with your fellow freelancers in real life. Would you like to see if anyone’s up for a coffee? This is the place to talk about it!

#winners-circle: got a big win but no one to celebrate with? Let us be your cheerleaders! Post your achievement and we'll be there to congratulate you

General guidelines

Group rules

In the event someone violates these guidelines, we will take action to protect other members of the group. This might include deleting messages, giving a warning, or in the event of extreme or repeat behaviour the member may be banned from the community. These decisions are final. Everyone is entitled to feel safe within this community and the moderators will do what they can to protect its members.

If you experience or witness any behaviour that doesn't follow our community guidelines, please contact us directly at:


All reports are kept confidential.

Staying safe

💡 Being safe. Your interactions with other members of the #TeamTranslator Slack group. 💡

#TeamTranslator, Kelsey Frick and Anikó Pető-Mordovski ("the #TeamTranslator team") are not responsible for and have no liability for what members of the #TeamTranslator Slack group do online or offline. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other members.

Though the #TeamTranslator team strives to encourage a respectful member experience through its community guidelines which you agree to upon joining, the #TeamTranslator team is not responsible for the conduct of any member online or offline, including but not limited to on the #TeamTranslator Slack group. You agree to use caution in all interactions with other members, particularly if you decide to communicate off the #TeamTranslator Slack group or meet in person. In addition, you agree to review and follow #TeamTranslator's Staying Safe Guide before communicating off the #TeamTranslator Slack group or meeting in person.

You understand that the #TeamTranslator team does not conduct criminal background checks on its members or otherwise inquire into the background of its members. The #TeamTranslator team makes no representations or warranties as to the conduct of members.

If you believe that someone is violating #TeamTranslator's community guidelines online or offline, you should report this activity immediately to the #TeamTranslator team directly at:


Changing with you

Our Community Guidelines is a live document, and it's possible that things may happen outside of these rules. We're constantly improving and trying to make our community as safe as it can be. These rules may be updated, and those updates will always be signposted in the #hello-translators channel.

We're still growing, so we absolutely encourage feedback from our group members. 

While we do moderate the Slack group, it's a space for you to have open discussions. So if there are things we can improve upon, please don't hesitate to reach out at:


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