Frequently asked questions

After filling in the survey on your website I'm having trouble joining the Slack group. What should I do?

You're not alone! Unfortunately, we've been experiencing some issues with the Slack link and it's not working for some people. First, please try to copy and paste the link to the Slack group in your browser. 

If that's not working either, just reach out at and we'll get you there!

I am a freelance interpreter/account manager/vendor manager. Can I join #TeamTranslator?

Any freelancer actively working in the localisation industry is more than welcome in our group. While a lot of the advice in the group will be relevant to all freelancers, please note that #TeamTranslator's main focus is working and making a living as a freelance translator.

I'm a student studying to become a translator. Can I join #TeamTranslator?

The group is aimed at practising freelancers in the localisation industry, so if you're a student working as a freelance translator on the side, hit that "Sign me up" button on the website.

If you’re currently only focusing on your studies, don't forget about us! Come and find us again – you're welcome to join the day you start your freelance journey!

It says on the website that this is a group for freelancers. Who do you consider a freelancer?

If you're already earning your income (or part of it) through freelancing work in the localisation industry, you are welcome in #TeamTranslator.

You can also join if you haven't landed your first project but you are actively marketing yourself to potential clients and looking for that breakthrough as a freelancer.

At the moment, we are not accepting student members or in-house translators as the discussions within the group are about typical issues practising freelancers face.

Are we allowed to talk about rates? What is market fixation?

Price fixing, marketing fixation, or fixing is an agreement between professionals to set the price of something rather than letting it be determined by the free market. This practice is illegal in many countries around the world.

Because mentioning your specific rates in the group may directly or indirectly lead to price fixing, it is against our Community Guidelines. That being said, you are welcome to talk about other aspects when it comes to rates, such as how you set your rates, how to approach the topic of raising your rates, etc.

Do you have any virtual meetings or events for members?

Yes, we do! We regularly meet up online for a cup of #TTTea to talk about different topics important for freelance translators. Keep an eye on our #hello-translators channel on Slack for more info!

What can we talk about on Slack?

The short answer? About anything related to freelancing!

Feel free to share any questions or experiences related to freelance life – just make sure that you adhere to our Community Guidelines, so that we can preserve a safe environment for everyone.

We currently have 7 Slack channels, for a full list, just visit our website.

I'd like to open a new channel on Slack about a specific topic. How can I do that?

As moderators, need to maintain visibility on all the channels to make sure it stays a safe space for everyone, we try to limit the number of channels within the group.

That said, if you think #TeamTranslator needs a new channel, just pop your idea in the #hello-translators channel, so that we can all vote about it! If your proposal is supported by at least 50 group members within a week of posting (in the form of reactions to the post) and approved by the moderators, the new channel will be opened.

I'm currently looking for new opportunities as a freelancer. Can I send you my CV?

Please do not send your CV to #TeamTranslator. We are not a translation agency and cannot respond to requests for paid work. We'd also like to ask you to not advertise your services in the group (see our Community Guidelines for more info).

However, we do have a #job-board channel on Slack where our members can post about any opportunities they or their clients might have, so keep an eye on this channel in case anything in your language combination and specialisation comes up!

What do I do if I suspect a scam or false account?

Please reach out to #TeamTranslator moderators on, and if possible, please include any evidence for your claims.

How are scammers and false accounts dealt with?

If moderators suspect a scam or false account or one is reported, we will review the account and any evidence given. Should the moderation team still believe that the account may be false, the team will notify the account holder through private message and give them 24 hours to provide evidence against the claims and also provide a professional recommendation from a client, tutor, professor, previous employer, etc. Should this not be provided, the account will be deleted.

I’d like to invite a colleague to #TeamTranslator. How can I do this?

Although Slack allows you to invite members into the group, please do not use this function. If someone would like to join, please direct them to the Join #TeamTranslator page on this website.

Can we organise #TeamTranslator events & meetups?

As #TeamTranslator grows, members have wonderful ideas on how to build connections. We fully support this, but any events – online or in-person – should not include #TeamTranslator branding unless expressly agreed in writing by #TeamTranslator.

I still have questions. How can I get in touch with you?

Just shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!